My And Willa Paskin’s Heads, Blogging

Salon’s TV critic Willa Paskin is one of my favorite people to read, and one of the people I turn to whenever I need to make an idea sharper. We got together to discuss the new television season in a conversation that spiraled from how depressed we are by the new fall comedies, to what Homeland, Gone Girl, and We Need To Talk About Kevin have to do with each other:

There are two parts of the conversation that I think are going to be particularly important to my work going forward. First, is a conversation we had about the relationship of story structure to comedy and drama, which has really reshaped a lot of my thinking about how television works. Then, in the latter half of the conversation, Willa offers what I think is a brilliant riff on how our understanding of anti-heroes has gone off the rails that clarified what I want to I write about gender and difficult women on television. In any case, I was grateful to have had this conversation and I hope y’all enjoy it.