Fox News Contributor Todd Starnes Wants President Obama To Protect Him From ‘South Park’

If you needed your regular reminder that religious fundamentalists, no matter their faith tradition, can end up in the same place, it’s worth watching Todd Starnes, a Fox News commentator, use the Obama administration’s response to the protests sparked by Innocence of Muslims to call for condemnation of popular culture like South Park that, in his perspective, denigrates Christians:

For all that people who dislike Muslims try to draw distinction between values articulated in Islam or attributed to Islam and their own beliefs and worldviews, there can be a lot of overlap. Egypt may be the country with a law against denigrating Abrahamic faiths. It may be true that, as the New York Times put it last week, “Where Americans prize individual choice, Egyptians put a greater emphasis on the rights of communities, families and religious groups.” But just as there are people in Egyptian society who are attracted to an American model of individual rights and free speech, Starnes’ remarks are a reminder that there are people in American society who want more respect for religious groups, as long as the groups that get the most respect are their own.