Daily Caller Editors Are Publishing ‘The Lizard King,’ A Novel About Obama And Reptilian Conspiracies

The idea that shape-shifting lizards from Alpha Draconis are secretly controlling humanity is not precisely a new conspiracy theory, or even new to American politics. Louis C.K. once asked Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to confirm or deny that he was actually a lizard:

A ballot in the Senate race between now-Sen. Al Franken and then-incumbent Sen. Norm Coleman was challenged when the man who cast it, Lucas Davenport, wrote in “Lizard People” as a candidate. But it’s one that gains new resonance with the word that Jamie Weinstein, a senior editor at the conservative website the Daily Caller and his colleague Will Rahn, the DC deputy editor, are publishing The Lizard King: The Shocking Inside Account of Obama’s True Intergalactic Ambitions by an Anonymous White House Staffer.

If it was written by anyone else, the idea that President Obama is actually a 12-foot tall reptile would be a genius satire of the conspiracies theories that argue Obama is everything from a secret Muslim to an obvious socialist driven by an anti-colonialist agenda. It may be easier to suggest the latter than to prove that Obama is not actually human (maybe he’s a Skrull instead), but possessing either theory says vastly more about the person who is desperate to see Obama as a deceptive enemy of the American public than Obama himself. But instead, The Lizard King will be coming to us people from a publication that’s consistently peddled misinformation about the Obama administration, even if they were never sufficiently possessed of the chutzpah and tabloid drive to sales to suggest that the president is an alien from outer space. That’s really too bad, because a killer satire of those conspiracies would be a real tonic for our current political climate. Maybe Weinstein and Rahn will rise to the occasion. But this seems more like a jab the people who, rightly, deny that Obama is a conspiratorial enemy of freedom, than the people who spin wild fantasies about him.