Matt Damon’s ‘The Promised Land’ Takes on Natural Gas and Fracking

I’ve gotten slightly tired of movies in which corporate executives or lawyers who have done dreadful things to people come to conscience, not because I don’t believe that scenario can’t be emotionally and artistically powerful as it was in something like Michael Clayton, but because I tend to think that corporations are generally forced to do things rather than having awakenings that make them change. But I’m intrigued by Matt Damon’s The Promised Land, a movie that grows out of his environmentalist work:

But what makes this movie different, and why I’m tempted by it, is that it’s a balance between Damon’s energy man and John Krasinski’s environmental organizer. If The Promised Land is a story that wrings drama from the actual efforts it takes to convince people to make long-term decisions from their communities, and to wrest the people in power away from their willful blindness, it could be much more interesting than the average exploration of a suit who has a change of heart, one of the more wishful bits of Hollywood liberal fantasy.