Meet Your Guest-Bloggers

All, I’ll be traveling and ensconced in Sundance screenings from tomorrow through the 22nd. But never fear! I’m honored to have a terrific crew of guest bloggers filling in while I’m away. I hope you’ll enjoy talking to them about popular culture as much as I do.

Sharmin Kent is a search media editor for Slingshot SEO. When she’s at home she enjoys experimenting in her kitchen, reading science fiction, and bitching about how much better music was in the 90s. Sharmin blogs at Confessions of a Cybernegress.

Betsy Phillips writes for The Nashville Scene‘s political blog, “Pith in the Wind,” and works at Vanderbilt University Press. Her fiction has appeared in Apex Magazine and Qarrtsiluni.

Alan Pyke is a writer and commentator on film, television, fiction, music, and politics, with a particular fascination for hiphop. He reviews movies and concerts for BrightestYoungThings, and occasionally posts at his own site.

In addition to their fine work, Travis Waldron will be writing about sports and Zack Beauchamp will be overseeing the blog. I’ll see you back on the 23rd.