American Crossroads Targets Ashley Judd For Being A “Hollywood Liberal”

American Crossroads, a conservative Super PAC run by Karl Rove, made a serious of hilariously bad investments in 2012 Congressional elections. Their dismal success rate, and Rove’s total and utter clowning of himself on Fox News on election night, hasn’t kept them from spending rich people’s money. And the next person they’re going after? Ashley Judd, who is considering a run for Senate in her home state of Kentucky:

Conservatives complain about Hollywood liberalism, as if that’s a coherent thing, but it’s an utterly meaningless phrase, associated with no movement, school of thought, or even mode of engagement. It’s not as if preventing HIV transmission, particularly among young people in third-world countries—one of Judd’s priorities as an activist—is something that’s a fringe, costal belief, or as if only folks who live in the 90210 zip code are anti-genocide. As far as “Hollywood” goes, Judd actually lives in Tennessee, which is a residency problem, but of a different variety. Culturally, she has opinions about solidly middle-American things like University of Kentucky basketball and hockey, as well as car racing. Judd may have a way to go to remake herself in the public eye as a policy wonk the way now-Sen. Al Franken has—though she has a public policy degree from Harvard. But as candidates for that transformation go, Judd’s a pretty good one. And if her candidacy emerges and helps put paid to the idiocy of that phrase, that alone would be a useful contribution to our national political discourse.