Come See Me Moderate Panels At SXSW!

If you’ll be in Austin for SXSW, starting today, I hope you’ll consider dropping by the panels I’ll be moderating on Saturday and Sunday, both at 3:30, both in room 16AB of the Austin Convention Center at 500 E Cesar Chavez Street.

On Saturday, with some of my Slate buddies, including David Haglund and Noreen Malone, as well as director Sarah Gertrude Shapiro and the hilarious and wonderful actress Anna Camp, the panel is Changing Rules for Women and Sex on TV. We’ll be talking a lot about who gets to have sex on TV, what our expectations are for what kinds of sex people will be having based on their ages, body types, etc., what sort of sex television is selling us on, how TV handles sexual assault, and TV’s fertility panic.

And on Sunday, I’ll be MCing This Panel is Not Yet Rated, a conversation with Chairman of the Classification and Rating Administration Joan Graves, film critic Scott Weinberg, director Vincenzo Natali, and producer Travis Stevens. On the menu: the history of the MPAA ratings system, our tangled-up attitudes about media violence, and the different treatment of sexuality and violence in on-screen entertainment.

I think they’ll both be great events, so if you’re around, please consider coming by! And I’ll try to hang out after both panels as long as possible, if folks want to meet up. I am always game for coffee, or more importantly, for Shiner Bock and meeting all of you.