‘House Of Cards’ Star Robin Wright and Enough Project’s J.D. Stier Talk Congo On Andrea Mitchell

If you need a Sunday reminder that Hollywood’s critiques of Washington can be a little too pessimistic, check out this video of Robin Wright and my colleague at the Enough Project, JD Stier, talking about their work together in the Congo on Mitchell Reports with Andrea Mitchell:

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One of the most interesting things in Netflix’s adaptation of House of Cards was Wright’s performance as Claire Underwood, the wife of scheming House Majority Whip Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey). In a sharply-observed storyline, Claire ran a non-profit that was initially focused on cleaning up the Washington, DC watershed (something that’s a real-life issue), but that abruptly shifted its focus to clean water in Africa, a trendier cause, as Claire sought to consolidate her influence independent of her husband, even if it wasn’t what her organization best-outfitted to do. But even though that plot was a sharp critique of non-profit cause-shopping, Wright’s real-life work is a reminder that, unlike her character, not everything’s so grim in Washington. Now we just need to sign Wright up for a project that will let her be the dramatic equivalent of Leslie Knope, and remind viewers at home that there are efforts worth investing in.