If The Police Were Like ‘Breaking Bad’s Skyler White Haters


Credit: AMC

Bless the folks at Funny Or Die for this video:

In a way, though, I think this actually isn’t dark enough. My sense is that people whose primary orientation towards Breaking Bad revolves around hating Skyler and venerating Walt is influential out of proportion to their actual representation in the audience. But there are plenty of people who erect high barriers for domestic violence and rape victims to report their accusations, and to see the legal process through in a way that might lead to justice. A woman who on TV is castigated for being a nag who holds back her husband on his drive to greatness in the real world might be labeled a whiner who’s overreacting to her husband’s perfectly natural temper. A woman who on television doesn’t report her husband’s rape of her might not be doing so because, in the real world, she’d be discouraged from seeing her accusation through. Attitudes that are trollish and inconsequential in fandom have much greater force in law and custom than we’d like to think.