Five Things We Hope Will Happen When Michelle Obama Guest-Stars On ‘Parks and Recreation’


Credit: NBC

The First Lady of the United States is coming to Pawnee. The Hollywood Reporter’s Philiana Ng reported on Thursday that Michelle Obama filmed a cameo in the one-hour season finale of the sixth season of Parks and Recreation during a trip to Miami. Parks has had a number of political guest stars, including civil servant Leslie Knope’s (Amy Poehler) celebrity crush, Vice President Joe Biden. But FLOTUS is, let’s be honest, funnier than her predecessors in visiting the show. And her presence on it opens up a world of marvelous opportunities. I’m sure she’s using the show to promote her work on Let’s Move. But while we can, here are the five best things that could possibly happen with her guest appearance:

1. Michelle Obama and Retta hang out: Parks has gradually been increasing Donna’s (Retta) role on the show as Leslie’s bestie, Ann Perkins (Rashida Jones) has decamped for married life in another state. What could be a better way to amp up Donna’s presence than to make Michelle Obama one of Donna’s network of insanely famous friends. I literally can’t think of anything I’d enjoy more than watching FLOTUS talk to Donna about her latest round of conquests. Except maybe the two of them treating themselves.

2. Leslie interacts with a political figure without going to pieces: My affection for Leslie Knope knows absolutely no bounds, but if she’s going to level up in politics, she’ll need to learn to interact with national officials without losing her power of speech. Michelle Obama, who’s learned a thing or two about how to own a national stage, could give her some tips. And I’d love to see her encourage Leslie to be part of a rising generation of young female legislators.

3. Ron gets to express his admiration for the Strong Woman In Chief: Ron Swanson’s had a bad tendency to express his admiration for women with strong personalities by marrying them, with Leslie as a notable exception. I mostly just want to see him and FLOTUS exchange silent nods of respect. Or to see her edit the Swanson Pyramid of Greatness.

4. Tom interacts with FLOTUS without hitting on her: Tom’s made all sorts of strides towards maturity over the past several seasons of Parks. A key test for him might be whether he can interact with the First Lady without resorting to the same tactics he uses to woo Joan Callamezzo. Plus, the fashion-savvy Michelle Obama might have some thoughts on a follow-up to Rent-A-Swag, especially given her experience dressing two very stylish daughters.

5. April gets beat in a stare-off: April Ludgate is a formidable opponent. But there’s no way she can stand up to the steely-side eye of Michelle Obama. It might be nice to see April lose out–and to get a lesson that being a jerk isn’t actually a cute strategy for adulthood.