Tell Chris Wallace to Ask Rice About the U.S.S. Cole

Condoleezza Rice

On Sunday, October 15, Condoleezza Rice will be on Fox News Sunday. Send e-mail to Chris Wallace and tell him to ask Condoleezza Rice why the Bush administration didn’t respond to the U.S.S. Cole attack before 9/11.

Mr. Wallace:

I appreciate your willingness to ask your guests questions based on viewer e-mail. I would like you to ask Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice the following question on Sunday:

Prior to 9/11, you had eight months to respond to the al-Qaeda attack on the U.S.S. Cole. Why didn’t the Bush administration take action and put al-Qaeda out of business?

Last month, you asked this question to President Clinton. Condoleezza Rice has been on Fox News Sunday 23 times since 9/11 and has never been asked. In fact, you and your predecessor have never asked this question of any Bush administration official. (You told President Clinton that you had asked the Bush administration about the U.S.S. Cole, but that statement isn’t true.)

Please demonstrate your good faith and ask Secretary Rice this question.

Thank you,