How Much Could Sea Levels Rise by 2100?

Two of American’s leading climate scientists believe the answer could be as much as 11 to 13 feet — if we don’t quickly change our energy and climate policies.

John Holdren, president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, told the BBC, that “We are experiencing dangerous human disruption of the global climate and we’re going to experience more.” The news account of the interview goes on to say, “He added that if the current pace of change continued, a catastrophic sea level rise of 4m (13ft) this century was within the realm of possibility; much higher than previous forecasts.” Holdren actually said, “two, three, even four meters [6.6 to 13 feet] per century” is “well within the realm of possibility,” but even the low-range would be a catastrophe.

Dan Schrag, director of the Harvard University Center for the Environment, says of 3.5 meters [11.5 feet] sea level rise: “100 years is possible.” He commissioned a picture of what the Gulf Coast would look like with such sea level rise: South Florida and New Orleans are gone. It must never come to this.


2 Responses to How Much Could Sea Levels Rise by 2100?

  1. coby says:

    there is a link to a nice google map tool here that lets you see what any part of the world will look like with a 1 to 14 m sea level rise.

  2. Anthony, rabid doomsayer says:

    And we still have not considered gross mechanical failure. It can only be worse not better.