Don Young wants a Tropical Alaska back — and 260-foot Sea-Level Rise

The Anchorage Daily News reports the amazing comments by Don Young, Alaska’s only Representative:

Before he left the hearing, Young, noting the presence of network TV crews, took a moment to reflect on his thoughts regarding climate change, citing the benefit of global warming — not caused by man — in another eon to an area that today is frozen much of the year. “We’re dealing with the most northern part of the United States of America, and a most hostile climate, and we’re pumping oil, and I’d just like to remind them if they’re asked where did the oil come from, and I would say this to Al Gore specifically: This was a jungle at one time, this was a forest at one time, this was a fern-laden area with mammoths at one time, and that’s really why we’re pumping oil,” he said.

This was sent to Climate Progress by Randy P in Anchorage who notes, “In other words, we should look forward to global warming here in Alaska because in 200 million years or so the increased vegetation will produce oil for Alaska’s residents of the future.”

What Young doesn’t seem to get is that humans are driving today’s climate change with greenhouse gas emissions rising 200 times faster than we have ever seen from natural causes.

Long before Alaska is tropical and regrowing oil-producing vegetation, the rest of the planet will obviously be ice free, yielding sea level rise of 80 meters (260 feet). Take that, Al Gore!

Of course, for Young, chair of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, that kind of Biblical flooding probably just means more infrastructure projects to fund. It would certainly give new meaning to the phrase, “Bridge to Nowhere.

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