Sen. Inhofe: Stop Obsessing Over Hockey Sticks — They will be Obsolete Soon Enough

Some in Congress still obsess and rant over whether or not parts of Europe were as warm as today several hundred years ago — the trumped up hockey-stick controversy, which the recent National Academy of Sciences Report should have put to rest, and that has debunked repeatedly.

no-hockey.jpgBut while Congress obsesses and delays, the entire planet keeps warming up, and NASA keeps relating the news. By 2050, not only will no one remember the hockey-stick controversy, many people won’t even be using hockey sticks anymore outdoors — it will just be too darn hot.

This is clear from the Cliff Notes version of “Global Temperature Change,” by James Hansen et al: NASA’s press release. NASA reprints and explains one of the key figures from the article that appears in the current Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences:

nasa-small.jpgBecause of a rapid warming trend over the past 30 years, the Earth is now reaching and passing through the warmest levels seen in the last 12,000 years. This color-coded map shows average temperatures from 2001-2005 compared to a base period of temperatures from 1951-1980. Dark red indicates the greatest warming and purple indicates the greatest cooling.Click image to enlarge.”

Now imagine those kind of temperature changes added to current temperatures by 2050, and then doubled or tripled by 2100. Hockey sticks will probably become featured items on Antiques Road Show.


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