Real Climate Quick Hits

If you are not reading the web site, regularly, you should be. As their banner says, they provide “climate science from climate scientists”–some of the top climate scientists in the country

While it helps to have some comfort with technical matters, the vast majority of the content is very accessible. Some good recent posts:

Realclimate should be a standard bookmark of yours, but I will periodically highlight their best.


3 Responses to Real Climate Quick Hits

  1. Albert says:

    Instead of “why changes in solar activity are NOT because of recent global warming,” I think you meant: “why changes in solar activity are NOT the cause of recent global warming.”

  2. coby says:

    Your readers might lso be interested in all the debating ammo I have prepared here:

    This Guide was endorsed by the good folks at RealClimate here:

  3. Joe says:

    Fixed. Thanks Albert.