Global Warming = Bush gets Fired

Yes, it is absolutely true. It was even reported in a major newspaper.

OK. The major newspaper was Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald and the story was about the risk posed to the Australian bush from global-warming induced heat and drought. But I couldn’t resist the headline. And the story makes clear that the increase in wildfires Americans are already experiencing from global warming is poised to become a major worldwide phenomenon.

In fact, Australian scientists found that if greenhouse gas emissions increase to the high end of current projections (which they will if we don’t reverse climate policy soon), the probabilities of bushfires “go through the roof so extensively that we probably won’t actually see bushfires then because we will already have completely burned the bush.”

No, global warming is not going to lead to the firing of President Bush, but it will lead to more and more bushfires (and wildfires) until we put a torch to the do-nothing policies of our Bush.

2 Responses to Global Warming = Bush gets Fired

  1. greenbandit says:

    Humor and terror in the same post. Wow.

  2. sphinxriddle says:

    And put the pun that is, torching the “Bush” who always does nothing.