Global Warming = Insomniac Bears

bear.jpgAh, to be a bear. Normally they sleep the winter away and prior to their hibernation eat and eat to put on weight, as much as 400 pounds. Makes you feel better about Thanksgiving, no?

But, thanks to global warming, their natural cycle is getting disturbed. Reuters reports:

Insomniac bears are roaming the forests of southwestern Siberia scaring local people, as the weather stays too warm for the animals to fall into their usual winter slumber.

Insomniac bears?! Imagine how grumpy you would get if your annual nap were seriously postponed. Fortunately, there has been sufficient food supply and so no attacks, but local environmentalists are keeping a close eye on the situation.

Who knows what other strange impacts of global warming will have on the planet? But for now, if you see a forest ranger filling a prescription for mega-doses of Ambien, you’ll know why.

2 Responses to Global Warming = Insomniac Bears

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