This Climate Solution is a Turkey. Really.

Turkey“It may not be the total answer to relieving the United States’ addiction to foreign oil…”, as Reuters put it, but an energy company has started building a plant in Minnesota to use poultry droppings to generate carbon-free electricity.

On Thanksgiving, you may not want to think about what exactly the word biomass means as a renewable energy. You wouldn’t want to ruin your feast by bringing up “700,000 tons per year of turkey litter” as a source of clean power for 55,000 homes in Minnesota. On the other hand, maybe it’s just the political debate you want to spark with your in-laws.

One Response to This Climate Solution is a Turkey. Really.

  1. William Blackley, MD says:

    Burning Poultry litter produce massive amounts of Nitrogen Oxides and VOCs leading to smog and ozone. This plant in Minnesota is produce massive amount of particulate matter that has been proven to cause and worsen asthma, chronic bronchitis, lung disease and heart disease. the plant produce dioxins and other highly toxic chemicals. Go to energyjusticenetwork/fibrowatt and read all about it. The Minnesota plant is under Open Enforcement Action for permit violations. How can you possibly promote this a green or clean? Burning biomass releases half again as much green house gas as burning coal and twice as much as natural gas. This is not carbon free. This is all about zombie corporations getting tax incentives masquerading as green industry when they are anything but green or clean. Every dollar spent of burning biomass and especially poultry litter is a dollar that could be spent on solar, wind, geothermal, ocean or other forms of energy research.