Sundance versus Los Angeles

Sundance Summit

There’s something very wrong with the movies–and the air–in Los Angeles, according to the Sundance Institution.

Robert Redford’s Utah resort is famous as the site of the Sundance Film Festival, but last week it was host to a fresh, independent voice: the second Sundance Summit of mayors. The consensus among summiteers: If the federal government won’t step up and address climate change, local officials will.

Among those in attendance were co-founder and former Senator Gary Hart, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, nearly 30 mayors and representatives of other concerned groups, all gathered to discuss climate change, energy, and sustainability.

At the end of the two-day summit, the mayors unveiled a website on taking action. Redford himself has recently announced the Sundance Channel Green, coming in 2007 loaded with environmentally-conscious TV programming.

The Sundance Film Festival has made a name for itself by being what Hollywood is not. The Sundance Summit will make a name for itself by giving Los Angeles what it desperately needs: truly pollution-free air.

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    “The implications of global climate change transcend literally everything that usually divides us. Race, ethnicity, national boundaries, political affiliations – all pale when considering the need for the entire planet to join together to preserve our one and only life support system. I founded Climate Future Group to spark what I hope will be a worldwide revolution in the search for solutions to global climate change. I believe that when people are given accurate, scientific, unbiased information, they will respond with the sense of urgency that this challenge poses for every form of life on Earth, including the entire human species.”