You can Run (or Fly or Ski) from Global Warming, But you just can’t Hide from it

Climate change no longer resides solely in scientific journals. An article in Sunday’s Washington Post illustrates the growing evidence of local impacts felt by nature, cities, and businesses.

The article, “On the Move to Outrun Climate Change” is based on an upcoming report by University of Texas at Austin professor Camille Parmesan. She compares the results of more than 800 peer-reviewed studies on the effect of climate change on nature.

Parmesan is able to relate the following trends caused by human-propelled global warming, among others:Orange-tip

University of Miami professor Harold Wanless warns:

We’re not talking about global warming as something that will happen in the future. Its happening right now. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men won’t be able to put Cape Sable together again.

In short, you can run from global warming but you can’t hide from it. You can only prevent it from getting much, much worse by swift action now.


2 Responses to You can Run (or Fly or Ski) from Global Warming, But you just can’t Hide from it

  1. Greenbandit says:

    Hard to believe people are still out there pretending this doesn’t exist.

  2. […] As we learned in articles anticipating the release of Camille Parmesan’s “Ecological and Evolutionary Responses to Recent Climate Change,” climate change is happening at a rate so fast that species are unable to adapt and many have, in fact, gone extinct. That includes at least 70 species of tropical frogs. […]