A Wee Kick in the Arse for Soccer Fans

Former goalkeeper David James goes green in an opinion piece titled, “Forget Joey’s arse – it’s wind turbines that matter.”

Inspired by his former soccer club’s decision to install a wind turbine, James challenges environmentally-degrading rituals of sports fans such as trails of litter and long commutes to games.

David JamesHe urges the sport to lead by example. He calls for energy-efficient lighting, recycling, and more park-and-ride or carpooling options. He calls on the international soccer Federation and fellow soccer players to set the precedent, possibly flaunting eco-friendly cars and striking “eco-friendly sponsorship deals.”

Getting outdoor sports fans more interested in the environment should be a natural since global warming is making summers more and more sweltering. England has been experiencing “the hottest year ever in the UK since records began in 1659.”

If any sector of the population is capable of aggressive rallying for a cause, sports fans definitely qualify. This article, which shows how to keep your eye on the most important “ball” of all–the Earth–is well worth a read.

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  1. Global warming is the hot issue at the moment