Climate Refugees

Refugees have no home, sometimes no citizenship, and in the case of climate refugees, not even refugee status.

Refugee TentThough climate refugees are not recognized under the Geneva Convention, their number almost certainly exceeds the number of officially-recognized refugees. This comes to light in an article from the Center for American Progress by Teresita Perez.

The devastation from Hurricane Katrina that caused thousands to relocate and rebuild foreshadows what our own country and the world may face regularly as climate change continues to intensify global weather patterns.

Making room for people who are fleeing increasingly severe natural disasters, or allowing them to simply switch high-risk locales, does not solve the problem. What we need to make room for are new policies and emerging solutions. What we need to switch is our stance on international climate treaties, the fuel in our cars, our light bulbs, our domestic climate policies….

One Response to Climate Refugees

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