Even More on the War on White Christmas

After temperatures climbed as high as 76 in Washington, D.C. this week, an article in the Washington Post, talked about the weather patterns that have caused the heat wave without a word on how global warming is making these weather patterns more likely.

The article, conveniently titled “Dreams of a White Christmas Melting,” gives unusual attention to the meterological explanations for the heat. What it misses is that the warm weather is not a phenomenon limited to this weather pattern or this year–it is a microcosm of the climatic changes that are poised to become annual regularities.

2 Responses to Even More on the War on White Christmas

  1. Keith says:

    Where is your specific, cause-and-effect proof that this heat wave in DC is directly caused by greenhouse gas warming? Please provide it. Otherwise retract your claim that this particular wave is caused by global warming. There have been heat waves since forever, long before global warming was a concern.

  2. Joe says:

    Why do you attack a strawman — particularly since the actual post is there for everyone to see. What the post states is “Global warming is making these weather patterns more likely.” This is a well-known outcome of increasing the average global temperature. No specific weather event can be directly proven to be caused by global warming (although it is equally important to say that no one can prove a given heat wave was not caused by global warming). The issue is just whether or not such “anomalies” are becoming more common and more intense — the data says they are.