The Muzzling Continues

I can think of many words you should not say in the workplace, but ‘Kyoto’ and ‘climate change’ are not among them. But they were verboten in one NOAA lab.

That’s right, according to a Rocky Mountain News article, investigation into the censorship of climate change has found a senior scientist, Pieter Tans, who has spoken up to say that he wasn’t allowed to use ‘Kyoto’ or ‘climate change’, particularly when making presentations.

Even when hosting a conference on carbon dioxide measurements, Tans’ focus at NOAA, no mention of global warming was allowed, regardless of the scientific consensus that increasing carbon dioxide levels is trapping heat in the earth’s atmosphere.

Tans raises the painfully valid point that muzzling the scientific voice undermines its overall credibility. Then again, perhaps that is the point.

2 Responses to The Muzzling Continues

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