“Today We Have a Planet That’s Smoking!”

In the House Oversight Committe’s hearing on political intereference with the scientific evidence of climate change, Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) proclaimed in disbelief and frustration that, “Today we have a planet that’s smoking!”

He, like many before him, likened the campaign to cast doubt on global warming with the tobacco industry’s campaign in the 1990s to distort information on the health impacts of smoking cigarettes.

In early 2007, the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) released a report along those same lines, exposing the disinformation campaign by ExxonMobil which used tobacco industry-like tactics. They also published an online periodical table that serves as an A-Z Guide to Political Interference in Science, which one of the witnesses to the House hearing brought up in her testimony.

And wait, there’s more. The UCS paired up with the Government Accountability Project on a report that describes how the White House silenced scientists on climate change. Some 1,600 scientists were surveyed, but only 279 responded, 150 of which reported that they had experienced interference of some kind.

We have a planet that’s smoking and the White House is filtering. Sounds like oil isn’t our only addiction. Menthol, anyone?

3 Responses to “Today We Have a Planet That’s Smoking!”

  1. Unum says:

    Great article! I watched this hearing and it was disgusting how the Republicans treated the panelists. And what was worse was the more recent hearing on global warming.

    Did you know that 75% of college-educated Democrats believe global warming is real and only 23% of college-educated Republicans do. Interesting statistic, I would say. It tells the whole story. But the question is why?

  2. ReadyForChange says:

    Willfully ignorant… that’s the only explanation. I know a few friends that are otherwise quite intelligent – even “booksmart” and yet they still get sucked into the republican/oil lobby smear campaigns. Its amazing… one particular person I have in mind is going to school to be a biological engineer and yet she doesn’t seem to have a real grasp on the science behind global warming even though (to me) it is beyond simple. She’s also the kind of person that automatically blames clinton for anything and seems to just HATE the idea of government aid programs for the poor. I thought these kind of people were more of a myth but no, they are very real. Quite frightening eh?

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