Global Warming is Hot!

These days, a key rite of passage for a major political issue is a concert–and at last the global spotlight is shining on climate change.

Now set to follow in the tracks of, and even ‘dwarf’, the Save Tibet, Farm Aid, Live8 and Live Aid concerts is “SOS” – a concert to advocate action, not just awareness, on climate change.

The concert is slated for July 7th and will be a series of performances in London, Rio de Janeiro, Kyoto, Washington, DC, Cape Town and Shanghai. So far, it’s a star-studded event, featuring more than 100 big names like the Foo Fighters, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sheryl Crow, and Snoop Dog.

Speaker Pelosi is encouraging Congress to pass climate and energy legislation by July 4th, hopeful to declare the holiday Energy Independence Day. These next spring months look to be pretty crucial in rallying political and popular support for climate action.

But even after July, we need to make sure the spotlight doesn’t fade – and may the events’ production and travel set a carbon neutral example!

3 Responses to Global Warming is Hot!

  1. Janis Mara says:

    Good point! I rejoice with you in this positive sign, but also worry that perhaps concerns about global warming may be the “flavor of the month.” You’re right – it’s up to us to make sure these issues continue to receive attention.

  2. Dannii says:

    How Can We Get Tickets?

  3. Kari says:

    Dannii – The organizers are still trying to secure the location for the U.S. concert. Just yesterday Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) introduced a bi-partisan resolution to allow the concert to be held on the west side of the Capitol. As soon as they determine the location and other logistics, I think information on ticket sales will be plentiful!

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