Climate Science Muzzling Meets the House

The House Science and Technology Committee gathered today to hear the testimony of several experts on ‘media strategies to influence public policy‘. The names of the witnesses and their statements can be found on the Committee’s website.

The hearing was convened around a recent report from the Government Accountability Project written by one of the witnesses, Tarek Maassarani. The report, “Redacting the Science of Climate Change“, investigates the extent to which current policies and practices have distorted scientific climate information from publicly-funded institutions (NOAA, NASA, etc). Ironic that the public pays for information it is not allowed to see honestly and entirely.

A recurring topic was ExxonMobil’s disinformation campaign, which has been compared to the tobacco industry’s campaign in the 1990s. The hearing room was small and so the handful of attendees in the audience with Expose Exxon shirts, conveniently placed directly behind one of the witnesses, stood out quite well. For further explanation of their objectives, a message we have also blogged on, check out their website,


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  2. Thanks for writing about this, I missed that article..