Bush 100, Blair 0. Game over.


Britain Sees No Talk of Emissions Targets at G8. Lame Quote of the Week: British Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett — “I don’t think anyone envisages the idea that there should be some discussion about setting numerical targets at Heiligendamm.”

In fact, The Guardian had reported on May 15: “Tony Blair believes he is close to persuading George Bush to accept an ambitious plan to bring the world’s greatest polluters into international partnership to fight climate change for the first time.” Yes, and monkees will fly out of my — but let it go.

The Bush administration has been working for a while to weaken the G-8 statement. As noted last week, our negotiators oppose “a pledge to limit the global temperature rise this century to 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as an agreement to reduce worldwide greenhouse gas emissions to 50 percent below 1990 levels by 2050.”

Beckett also lamely said, “There has been a misunderstanding of the nature of the discussions that we expect.” The only misunderstanding has been Blair misunderstanding who he has been dealing with all these years.

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