AP & MSNBC: Climate Progress Knows its Crap

There are but a few true experts on turkey crap and its potential as an alternative energy source. Climate Progress, however, works hard to keep current on all potential climate solutions (it is a dirty job). Indeed, we have previously blogged on the subject.

So when the Associated Press needs a quote on a new 55-megawatt poop-to-energy plant in Minnesota, they know who to call:

Joseph Romm, a former top Energy Department official under Clinton and author of the global warming book “Hell and High Water,” agreed, saying the plant would be considered greenhouse-gas neutral.

Obviously there aren’t enough turkeys to generate enough poop to power a nation,” Romm said. “On the scale of things, it’s not a game-changer. … It’s certainly more good than bad.


So the next time some global warming Denier tells you Climate Progress doesn’t know sh*t, give them this link.

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