Economist Cover Story on Climate Change

economist-6-07.jpgThe current issue of The Economist has a “15-page report on how business is tackling climate change.”

The articles are worth a read — especially since the magazine has made them available for free online. They start with an overview:

Cleaning up: How business is starting to tackle climate change, and how governments need to help. Factoid: “Global investment in renewable power-generation, biofuels and low-carbon technologies rose from $28 billion in 2004 to $71 billion in 2006.”

Good piece, except that The Economist advocates stabilizing “CO2 concentrations at around 550 parts per million (widely reckoned to be a safeish level).” Used to be, but not any more. 450 is the new 550.

Here are the articles from the report (with interesting quotes and factoids excerpted for those who don’t have the time to read each article):

  • Sunlit uplands: Wind and solar power are flourishing, thanks to subsidies. Quote: “There are, broadly, three systems in operation [to promote renewables]: the expensive and effective (Germany’s and France’s feed-in tariffs), the complex and ineffective (Britain’s and Italy’s quota-and-trade system), and the unpredictable (America’s production tax credit).”

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