Inhofe: “The Best Hearing We’ve Had”

You know that a global warming hearing is not going well when the Senate’s lead Denyer, James Inhofe (R-OK), calls it “the best hearing we’ve had.” The four witnesses for the majority made strong presentations, as we’ve noted, but the three Denyer witnesses were too skilled at spreading disinformation.

Note to Majority: Only one more witness than the minority? Not exactly the kind of balance you got when positions were reversed and Inhofe was Chair.

The Denyers really dominated the discussion, especially after Committee Chair Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) left early, allowing Inhofe to seize the reins.

Inhofe proceeded to gratuitously smear NASA’s James Hansen for receiving money from the Heinz Foundation — the Senator neglected to mention that it was an award. Inhofe repeated ad nauseum the standard disinformation about all the scientists who have allegedly reversed their positions on climate change. And Inhofe gave the Denyer witness lots of air time.

Not a good day for the Majority or the planet, for that matter.

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