Green and Gold and Goldman Sachs


The investment firm Goldman Sachs has released an environmental policy framework and invested billions of dollars in clean energy and research into environmentally-friendly markets, a stark contrast with the inactions of our own government.

In their environmental policy framework, Goldman Sachs recognizes climate change and its threat to financial markets and general livelihood. Consequently, they advocate limiting emissions, participate in Europe’s carbon market, and have agreed to voluntarily report AND cut their own by 7 percent by 2012.

You can find their progress in their 2006 Year-End Report, which includes the partnerships they have forged, research papers they have commissioned, and even exact numbers for emissions from their real estate utilities.

From GreenBiz News:

Market analysts have called the U.S carbon market a “hibernating giant.” With Goldman Sachs leading the way, the conservative wing of Wall Street seems to have woken up. And so the question is: when will lawmakers on Capitol Hill follow suit?

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