PGDW#10 – #31: Corn Ethanol

Okay, so Planet Gore doesn’t believe in the things eco-savvy progressives do, like “climate change, alternative energy, environmental activism,” and, of course, Al Gore. That is why they spread entertaining disinformation on those subjects, and why I launched the PG Disinfotainment Watch.

So why are there nearly two dozen posts (as of today) attacking corn ethanol — using terms like the “reprehensible ethanol boondoggle” or “ethanol hoax” or repeating the oil industry claim that “ethanol is wreaking havoc on the nation’s refineries.” I have met few if any eco-savvy progressives who think corn ethanol has much value as a climate solution, except possibly as a transition fuel to cellulosic ethanol.

Indeed, anyone else but PG would be hard-pressed to find a clear political label for corn ethanol supporters — heck, President Bush seems to be the biggest cheerleader: In the 2007 State of the Union address, he called for “setting a mandatory fuels standard to require 35 billion gallons of renewable and alternative fuels in 2017 — and that is nearly five times the current target.” And most of that would be corn ethanol.

For PG, though, the culprit is clear:

It isn’t too far of a leap to suggest that “food insecurity” may be increased by the ethanol policy, with no reduction in emissions.

What a triumph for the “moderate” greens.

Yes, “moderate” greens — as opposed to, say, politicians across the ideological spectrum — are at fault. So that’s the reason for the nearly two dozen otherwise pointless posts about ethanol on a “global warming blog” whose main purpose is to defend global warming Denyers and attack those who call for action. I guess PG doesn’t have enough subject material for genuine attacks on progressives and moderate environmentalists….

2 Responses to PGDW#10 – #31: Corn Ethanol

  1. Alt Fuel Fan says:

    I would have to agree with the aforementioned ‘PG Disinfotainment Watch’. They remind me of that neighborhood dog barking from behind the fence.

  2. swede says:

    Corn-Derived Ethanol is a fool’s paradise. It takes about one gallon of oil derived fuel to produce, one gallon of ethanol. One gallon of ethanol has only 75% of the energy content of one gallon of gasoline. Thus the energy yield of the process is negative and co2 emissions are dramatically increased.
    The real problem is with legislators more concerned with re-election than solving the (imagined) problem(?) of serious CO2 Driven Climate Warming.
    I am a retired electronic engineer who has spent an intensive 6 months reviewing so-called global warming and am convinced it is just a hoax driven by people like Al Gore in support of their investment company (see google) that is heavily invested in alternative energy companies.