Even Denyers Go Energy Efficient

You know the world is changing when the Republican National Committee goes green. The Hill reports

While some prominent Republicans have continued to question the existence of global warming, the Republican National Committee is also planning to make its convention in the Twin Cities as energy-efficient as possible, according to RNC spokesman Chris Taylor.

no-cheney-flag.jpgHmm. Didn’t someone once say:

Conservation may be a sign of personal virtue, but it is not a sufficient basis for a sound, comprehensive energy policy.

So much for practicing what they preach (or vice versa). The Minneapolis Mayor’s office actually said, “We have no doubt we can have one of the greenest conventions.”

That said, the Republicans “appear to be a little behind [the Democrats] in planning specific actions for a green convention” — surprise, surprise. The Dems in Denver have a lot already planned:

Democrats are already requiring that firms competing to provide transportation for the convention offer flex-fuel hybrid vehicles to carry delegates and media from hotel to convention center. And for the first time ever, Democrats are handling housing reservations for the convention entirely online, which … could save 50,000 sheets of paper.

The DNC is also talking to official airline partners about incorporating into a contract an agreement that would allow the airlines or passengers to purchase carbon offsets to reduce the carbon footprint of the convention…

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