PGDW#32 & 33: If Dogbert is Anti-Green …

OK, Planet Gore posts this cartoon under the headline:Dilbert Tells an Inconvenient Truth?


Well, shouldn’t the headline be “Dogbert Tells an Inconvenient Truth”? And Dogbert is not so much a truth-teller as “a megalomaniac; one of his dreams is to conquer the world and enslave all humans.” So the fact that he spouts misanthropic conservative claptrap is not something that really advances PG’s (false) argument that environmentalists are elitists who only want other people to change their behavior.

This isn’t the first time PG has misued a cartoon to try to make a point. This one was far more inane:

Under the headline “If Harry Reid Designed a Car” they put this picture:

This makes no sense to me. This doesn’t look at all like a fuel-efficient vehicle — quite the reverse. What is PG’s point? That Harry Reid is like Homer Simpson? A picture of one of those new tiny one seaters might have made some sense.

What else can you call all this but disinfotainment?

2 Responses to PGDW#32 & 33: If Dogbert is Anti-Green …

  1. Green Bandit says:

    Oddly enough, I’ve always wondered what, exactly, do Global Warming deniers believe environmentalists’ secret agenda is? To make ourselves uncomfortable? I guess this is illuminating in that it indicates they think we’re trying to change other people’s behavior for the sheer fun of it?

    Except that I thought it would be clear from the cartoon that the real environmentalists are the hybrid owners…

  2. Jim Manzi says:

    You might be suprised at Scott Adams’ views on global warming:

    Jim Manzi