Pray For Action On Global Warming

al_dm.pngAlabama is in the midst of a brutal, Biblical drought. Click on the map on right, which shows that more than 40% of the state is suffering exceptional drought (brown) and nearly 90% of the state is suffering severe drought (orange or darker).

So what is the strategy of Governor Bob Riley? As the Birmingham News reports today: “The governor issued a proclamation calling for a week of prayer for rain, beginning Saturday.”

Given that global warming is going to make these brutal droughts more common and more severe in the coming decades, perhaps the governor should be joining California and other states in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

2 Responses to Pray For Action On Global Warming

  1. Carl says:

    Here you go again, attributing every weather fluctuation to global warming. YOU CANNOT DO THAT. As you very well know, but refuse to follow. Sometimes, often, a heat wave is just a heat wave. They have been with us forever, and a heat wave in a place like Alabama is certainly no huge deal. There is not proof THIS heat wave is linked to global warming — please stop trying to imply that it is. Even though you try and couch your language, no one who is scientifically literate is buying it.

  2. Joe says:

    Reread the post. I have made no such attribution. But a drought this brutal is not purely “weather” like, say, a single tornado. It is exactly the kind of extended multi-week event that global warming has long been predicted to make more likely.