Report: Climate Change and Environmental Degradation Trigger Darfur Crisis

darfur-tree.jpgWe have previously posted on how climate change has contributed to the crisis in Darfur. Now a U.N. assessment paints a fuller picture of the roots of the crisis. The press release notes:

Sudan is unlikely to see a lasting peace unless widespread and rapidly accelerating environmental degradation is urgently addressed….

The scale of climate change as recorded in Northern Darfur is almost unprecedented, and its impacts are closely linked to conflict in the region, as desertification has added significantly to the stress on traditional agricultural and pastoral livelihoods.

The report itself, the Sudan Post-Conflict Assessment, makes clear the region faces a dire future action on our current path:

Forecast climate change is expected to further reduce food production due to declining rainfall and increased variability, particularly in the Sahel belt. A drop in crop yields of up to 70 per cent is forecast for the most vulnerable areas.

The time to act is now.

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