Climate Progress on NPR Talk of the Nation Today

I am scheduled to be interviewed today around 3:20/3:25 EST for 15 minutes. The subject is “Eco-Friendly Consumerism.” I’ll be focusing on the most important climate solutions. Here is the N.Y. Times article that inspired “Talk of the Nation” to do this show.

One Response to Climate Progress on NPR Talk of the Nation Today

  1. Earl Killian says:

    Except for Joe’s repeatedly reminding people that greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions overwhelms all other issues, I didn’t find the NPR show as useful as the NYT article, which at least pointed out how silly buying a “hybrid” can be if it is a Lexus instead of a Prius. It is as if two people on a beach with a tsunami clearly visible, decide to debate plastic vs. paper grocery bags instead of fleeing for their lives. We’re facing a crisis of such epic proportions that I’m beginning to think the only thing left we can do is figure out how to shorten the Dark Ages that will follow. After the overreaction to 2001.09.11 and underreaction to 2005.08.29, I am left wondering what sort of natural disaster it will take to wake up people. A 80-90% reduction in GHG emissions is not something that is going to happen on its own, or even from something switching to a Prius. What is it going to take?