Climate News Roundup — Australia Edition

australia.jpgDrought, Floods Fuel Australian Climate Change Debate – Voice of America ( Hell and High Water strikes another country that has been slow to act on global warming. But that is changing. The article concludes:

The common view is that if climate change is not addressed urgently a warmer future will make this country, already prone to drought and cyclones, an increasingly tough place to live and prosper.

Gore slams U.S.-led climate pact as sham – Reuters. “With all due respect I think the Asia-Pacific initiative is more of a Potemkin Village approach,” Gore said of the six-member pact called the Asia Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate. “It has been organized by the two developed countries that alone among the world community have refused to join in on the Kyoto Protocol.”

I completely agree that the Asia-Pacific initiative is bogus — and Australia (and the U.S.) won’t be serious about avoiding ever worsening Hell and High Water until they walk away from it.

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