Is That Captain Kirk I hear?


11:45 I wasn’t sure the first time I heard him, but sounds like William Shatner is doing Live Earth spots.

11:44 Plant shade trees — a great idea!

11:36 Kelly Clarkson, dressed down, explained she doesn’t know very much about saving the environment, but she really wanted to do this show and learn about what she and her fans could do.

11:32 Robert Patrick (of the X-Files and Terminator 2) pushes bamboo as an eco-friendly building material (which it is as long as it wasn’t transported over great distances).

11:05 Robert Redford is in the house. What eco-event would be complete without him?

5 Responses to Is That Captain Kirk I hear?

  1. Green Bandit says:

    Re: “11:44 Plant shade trees — a great idea!” I’m slightly confused as to whether this is sarcasm. For the last week or so you’ve been talking about carbon offsets, for which you say trees are rarely a good idea (even one mention of this in your blogging for Live Earth). “Shade trees,” especially for those of us who live in Arizona or other sunny/hot areas, CAN be very eco-friendly, but not as offsets. They keep your house cooler and reduce the need for air conditioning by reducing the amount of sun hitting your windows. Is there anything wrong with this reasoning? I just couldn’t tell if you were being genuine or sarcastic when you said shade trees are a great idea.

  2. Joe says:

    Apologies for any confusion. Shade trees are great, as I’ve written before. I meant to include this link. They are part of urban heat island mitigation strategies and could conceivably be 10% of a good offset portfolio (see rule two).

  3. katrina says:

    LoL some nutty global warming denier gets totally pwned by Mayor Rothchild that gave up important pre-concert time – his family is sopnsoring the entire event, sacrificing hundreds of millions on promoting the event so that the Earth can be saved

    Those deniers need to wake up and take care of the children!

  4. Biggs says:

    You seem to have no real idea about what the House of Rothschild is about do you? You think the Rothschilds are cool, you kinda like them do you? They are at the very centre of a plan to plunge the world into as New World Order, a plan to create a global totalitarian state, 21st century tech-enabled control over the world. And silly people like you have no idea at all.

    Regardless of the truth or otherwise of m,an made climate change, the exact people in the world who should nto be anywhere near the solutions, are the evil House of Rothschild and their plan, along with 12 other extended families, is to take over the world. Yes far out stuff I know, and damned sadly for all of us it is also absolutely true. And stupid people like Katrina just sit there all dumb and know nothing about any of it and then cheer the traitors and murders on, just because they give money to Live Earth, these guys are literally worth trillions and have far more wealth than say Bill Gates, a few million to them is peanuts, heck a few billion is peanuts too.

    Please do not cheer on the Rothschilds, they are bad bad people, cheer on the cause sure, just not them.

  5. Sees Things says:

    and if you were listening and paying attention to the debate between the rothschild punk and alex jones.. Rothschild attempts to dismiss solar-system wide global warming by claiming that Mars, Saturn and Jupiter are closer to the Sun than earth. his tactics in this so called debate: use that “reasonable british accent” and ask question after question after question then attack alex claiming he didnt answer the question. alex in no way got “owned”, rothschild showed himself as a tactician for unfair debating. the punk is smart and evil both, and VERY manipulative. but remember one thing ..Rothschild attempt to dismiss solar-system wide global warming by claiming that Saturn and Jupiter are closer to the Sun than earth is a blatant falsehood, so obvious that if you believe ANYTHING he says after that youre a complete fool. look into the REAL history of the rothschild family, bankrupting england to buy it up cheap for a lie, support of hitler, funding both sides of wars to control the outcome, hiring hessian mercenaries to fight with the British against Americans in the revolutionary war.. the list goes on and on.