Chris Rock Goes Off Message

chris-rock.jpg8:22 Fulfilling the dream/nightmares of conservatives everywhere, Rock tells people to get smaller cars. I say people should get whatever size car they need, but they should get a hybrid for now, and a plug-in hybrid flex fuel vehicle for the car after that — assuming, that is, they care about their children and the next 50 generations.

8:31 Shatner pushes reusable shopping bags.

8:35 Gore sort of leads the audience on taking the 7-point pledge. Then he introduces the “Foo Fighters” — bet he didn’t have that in his life plan 10 years ago.

3 Responses to Chris Rock Goes Off Message

  1. Tim Bousquet says:

    I saw a brief interview with Al Gore last night, and he mentioned a very clear policy goal: no more coal-fired plants should be built, unless they have carbon-capture equipment installed. This is good, a specific policy point that is easy to understand, and immensely do-able, with enough political will.

    But then I go and take a look at the Live Earth pledge points. They are:

    I will change four light bulbs to CFLs at my home.

    I will ride public transit or carpool one or more times per week.

    I will shop for the most energy efficient electronics and appliances.

    I will forward a Live Earth email message to 5 friends.

    I will shut off my equipment and lights whenever I’m not using them.

    Now, don’t get me wrong– these are all worthwhile. Everyone should do them, and good on the organizers for including them. But would had it really hurt anyone to include:

    I will support a world-wide ban on coal-fired power plants, and vote for politicians who support such a ban, and against politicians who frustrate it.

    I fear the Live Earth message comes down to lifestyle choices, and not political arguments. Individual lifestyle choices are important, but don’t accomplish anything without major restructuring of how we generate electricity, and we don’t get that without making hard political choices.

  2. Green Bandit says:

    I’m totally onboard with Live Earth’s lifestyle choices message. Yes, it is important to find cleaner, less harmful methods of producing electricity, but so long as that remains the primary focus of the anti-global warming movement, it breeds armchair enviornmentalists who talk about climate change, but take no personal responsibility. I’ve always thought that for any environmental movement to be sucsessful, there has to be a move away from the American culture of getting into your Hummer to go down and vote for an environmentally friendly politician. Reducing energy demand has the added benefit of reducing the profitability of the fossil fuel industry, and thereby reducing their lobbying power — which increases the chances that the anti-climate change politician you voted for will actually do something about that coal-fired power plant.

  3. Tim Bousquet says:

    Clearly, both individual and societal-wide action are required. But Lieve Earth completely ignored the latter. Here’s something I wrote, getting into it in some detail:

    (ah, the server is down. I’ve mirrored it here: