Blue Dogs for Energy Efficiency

blue-dog.jpgThis group of 43 conservative and moderate Democrats from around the country have a new energy plan. Here’s what they say about energy efficiency:

8. Energy Efficiency

  • Energy efficient technologies and energy conservation are among the most important ways for the U.S. to reduce its energy consumption, benefiting both consumers and producers of energy.
  • Blue Dogs support the furtherance of energy efficient technologies including green buildings, energy saving appliances, advanced lighting technology, and better fuel economy standards.

Blue Dogs support the promotion of energy efficient light bulbs, high-efficiency vehicles, advanced batteries, home appliances, and energy storage. The Coalition believes the federal government should lead the way by moving toward green buildings and energy efficient programs for all federal buildings as soon as possible. Private sector energy efficiency improvements to new and existing buildings–both residential and commercial–should also be encouraged. Fuel economy standards for automobiles and small engines should also result in energy savings.

We also support improving energy efficiency assistance to state and local governments and believe that state utility regulatory commissions should adopt federal standards to promote energy efficiency. The Department of Energy’s successful Energy Star program should also be expanded. Finally, Blue Dogs support tax incentives for consumers and businesses that are early adopters of energy efficient technologies.

Kudos to the blue dogs.

One Response to Blue Dogs for Energy Efficiency

  1. Mike Sonnentag says:


    Great post/topic. Energy efficient devices/technologies are going to be crucial in driving down consumption. Lighting is such a big part of how the U.S. and world are using energy, so we need to keep improving those technologies. CFLs are a good answer for now, but OLEDs are another technology that may change the landscape in a few years.

    GE and Konica mentioned they should have OLED white lighting in a few years.

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