The Greenest Book of All Time?

That is the claim here for the new Harry Potter book. Here are the stats they claim:


That’s green enough to warm the large heart of Rubeus Hagrid — bet all you Muggles didn’t know his first name (though truth be told, I didn’t either until I went to Wikipedia). And a wave of the wand to Kate Sheppard at Gristmill for pointing this out.

BTW, saw the latest movie — The Order of the Phoenix — and the film of book five may be the best of the bunch. Of course, it would’ve made much more sense if they hadn’t dawdled so much in filming the books so that we could see the movie of book six before book seven comes out this month.

One Response to The Greenest Book of All Time?

  1. Brian C.B. says:

    Yeah, but what if they’d released it in Adobe Portable Document File only? And you could download it without making any vehicular trips? Or, released it in audiobook form only, with Fran Drescher podcasting it?