Nonplussed at Planet Gore

I confess I often just don’t understand what Planet Gore is trying to say. Here is the opening of a new post titled “Shocked, Shocked“:

This morning, the Washington Post joins House Government Reform Committee Chairman Henry Waxman in being nonplussed over a Bush Administration task force having met with industry representatives when formulating policy.

“Waxman said he was not surprised to see the prevalence of energy industry groups on the list of meetings.”

But “nonplussed” means “surprised”–though it is often used incorrectly. Like Waxman, no one is surprised that Cheney is a tool of the energy industry — or is that vice versa?

The “shocked, shocked” reference to Casablanca is equally strange, since it is normally used when people say they are surprised at something that they themselves are well aware of (if not doing themselves). But again, “Waxman said he was not surprised.”

A number of people have told me they are nonplussed (but definitely not “shocked, shocked”) that I can stomach reading PG at all, but I view them as the best (unintentionally) humorous diversion in the climate blogosphere. Let’s call these errors PG Disinfotainment Watch #39 and #40.

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