UK: Worst Floods In Modern History

flooding-uk1.jpgBritain experiences High Water:

Tens of thousands of people are without electricity or water as Britain suffers its worst flooding in modern history….

An Environment Agency spokesman said: “We have not seen flooding of this magnitude before. The benchmark was 1947 and this has already exceeded it.

Fear not, Denyers, we can’t say for certain this is due to human-caused global warming, even though the theory predicts an increase in intense rain events. We can, however, say, this is what people in much of the planet will need to get used to if our leaders keep doing nothing.

One Response to UK: Worst Floods In Modern History

  1. Lou Grinzo says:

    Combine this with the drought in other parts of the world, like much of the US48 and Australia, and it’s getting mighty uncomfortable. Looking down the road just a bit, all those retreating glaciers we keep seeing photos of will really have an impact, as they’ll produce less fresh water during summer months for many population centers around the world. (Isn’t reduced snowpack one of the big issues causing water woes in the Western US?)

    Yes, large-scale sea level rise is a major issue, but we’re already seeing and feeling the beginning of the human toll thanks to drought and shifting rain patterns.