Worried About the Weather, and the Land

On its Sunday op-ed page, the New York Times ran four dispatches about the “rash of extreme weather around the world.” The articles show how “human activity” is having “drastic and lasting” impact globally:

The Great Swiss Meltdown: Swiss glaciers “have lost almost 50 percent of their surface area in the past 150 years; half of this loss has occurred in the last 30. Some 100 out of our nearly 2,000 glaciers have already disappeared, and researchers predict that most will have melted away by 2050.” What this may mean to the Swiss?

Sunny California: Sunny and dry this year. This is the weakest of the four articles — heck it doesn’t even mention wildfires.

Dining in a Drought in Australia: Australia, by contrast,”is suffering what some are calling its worst drought in 1000 years, and the impact on our farmers, livestock and produces catastrophic. Scientists have linked the six-year drought to the changing climate….”

Israel’s Incredible Shrinking Sea: The Dead Sea is dying.

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