If you are in DC on Wednesday …

… and if you haven’t got enough of offsets — a big if, I know — come to The National Academies Building, 500 5th Street, NW, for a talk/debate, “Voluntary Carbon Offsets: Hype or Hope?

I’ll be speaking along with Eric Carlson, Founder and Executive Director of, August 1, 12:30-2:00 PM. Here are more details:

Voluntary carbon offsets are a mechanism by which individuals or corporations attempt to negate their carbon dioxide emissions by funding projects that remove an equivalent amount of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. While the market for these offsets has experienced tremendous growth in the past few years, there is an ongoing debate over their effectiveness in the real world. In this seminar, we examine the efficacy of the various types of offsets, what role they can play relative to other mechanisms for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and whether the government has a role in this emerging market.

The speakers will address the following questions:

* Do the actions of carbon offset companies reduce greenhouse gas emissions and if so, which offset methods are most effective?

* What is the role of voluntary carbon offset programs within the larger goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions?

* Are universal standards necessary to ensure the credibility of carbon offsets? If so, who should take the lead in forming and enforcing these standards?


Mr. Joseph Romm, Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress and Writer for

Mr. Eric Carlson, Founder and Executive Director of

The seminar format will involve 10-15 minute presentations by the featured guests, followed by a moderated question and answer session.

No report or summary will be produced from this seminar.

Public Contacts: Yeimy Garcia, or 202.334.2741 and Patrick Cunningham, or 202.334.1697
Media Contact: Office of News and Public Information, 202.334.2138

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