Climate News Roundup

Japan’s hybrid train hailed as the future of rail travelThe Independent. “The world’s first hybrid train service … is powered by a super fuel-efficient diesel engine and lithium-ion batteries that recharge every time the brakes are applied, a system that cuts power, noise and emissions by up to 60 per cent.

Everyone but Bush seems to get it on global warmingBuffalo News, op-ed. “Bush’s EPA administrator, Steve Johnson, told Congress the president intended to veto legislation to limit global warming pollution from major emitters.”

An Incomplete Energy Bill
New York Times, editorial. Three missing items: “The first is fuel economy. The House bill does not now require stronger fuel economy standards — a critical part of any energy policy that seeks to reduce oil imports and greenhouse gases…. Also missing is a national renewable electricity standard that would require utilities to generate a certain percentage of their electricity from wind power and other renewable sources…. Finally, somebody has to make sure that the rush to develop ethanol from corn and other sources is done in an environmentally responsible manner.”

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