Climate Progress, Green Herring, and Fireblades

Two blog mentions. First, the well-named Green Herring — “An environmentalist responds to red herrings tossed out by denialists” wrote:

I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t posted to this blog for some time. I’ve read some excellent books recently, including Andrew Dessler’s The Science and Politics of Global Warming and Joseph Romm’s Hell and High Water. Each does a fine job of spelling out the reality of the climate crisis, pointing out the strong scientific concensus on the matter. Each in its own way then delves into what has gone wrong over the past decade in the political process in the USA. Their failure to come to grips with this crisis rests on a tragic history of disinformation, spin, and cheap debating tactics, playing on public reluctance to accept a truth that is truly inconvenient.

And, a website for Honda motorcycle enthusiasts, saw Who killed the electric car? and wrote:

The film also features interviews with … other experts, such as Joseph J. Romm (author of Hell and High Water and The Hype about Hydrogen). Romm gives a presentation intended to show that the government’s “hydrogen car initiative” is a bad policy choice and a distraction that is delaying the exploitation of more promising technologies, like electric and hybrid cars that could reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase America’s energy security.

2 Responses to Climate Progress, Green Herring, and Fireblades

  1. scruss says:

    Green Herring – aka University of Toronto renaissance nerd Jim Prall ( – really should get more updates. A conversation with Jim is a rapid-fire update on climate science and the social and technological progress we need to keep living here. If only he’d write more of it down!

  2. Jim Prall says:

    Ooh, thanks. I never picked up on this mention when it was posted originally.
    I am now finally updating my blog more regularly, mainly to discuss the work I’ve been putting into my list of climate scientists website, linked above on my name; the plain URL is:

    I’ve tagged which authors have signed “skeptic” letters like the Manhattan Declaration, and who has signed activists statements like the Bali Climate Declaration. The results are telling for skeptic boosters.