Climate News Roundup


Huge solar power park to rise in Mojave Desert – MSNBC. Solar thermal power is making a comeback. The Mojave Solar Park will generate 553 megawatts of power using 1.2 million mirrors.

California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard Takes Shape – Environment News Service. This is a very informative article on California’s plan to “reduce carbon dioxide emissions from fuels by 10 percent by 2020.”

Solar IPOs shine – “Since the start of the year, the 17-company solar component in the Wilder Hill Global Innovation index has soared 75 percent.”

Toyota Builds on Streak of Record Earnings - New York Times. “Toyota said it saw brisk sales during the April-June quarter in the United States, where high pump prices raised the popularity of high-mileage vehicles like Toyota’s Prius, a gasoline-electric hybrid, and RAV4, a small sports utility vehicle.”

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