Climate News Roundup

Huge solar power park to rise in Mojave Desert – MSNBC. Solar thermal power is making a comeback. The Mojave Solar Park will generate 553 megawatts of power using 1.2 million mirrors.

California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard Takes Shape – Environment News Service. This is a very informative article on California’s plan to “reduce carbon dioxide emissions from fuels by 10 percent by 2020.”

Solar IPOs shine – “Since the start of the year, the 17-company solar component in the Wilder Hill Global Innovation index has soared 75 percent.”

Toyota Builds on Streak of Record Earnings New York Times. “Toyota said it saw brisk sales during the April-June quarter in the United States, where high pump prices raised the popularity of high-mileage vehicles like Toyota’s Prius, a gasoline-electric hybrid, and RAV4, a small sports utility vehicle.”

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